The Military and Foreign involvement

The Military and Foreign Involvement. Reasonably reduce both while keeping the strongest military in the world—by far. I absolutely support our troops. (Anyone physically or mentally harmed due to military service should receive all care necessary for them to recover as much as possible.) However, we have too many foreign military bases—approximately 800 and over 100 Army facilities in Italy alone.

Foreign Military Bases

I believe we should eliminate most of the (very many) foreign military bases, and bring home the troops stationed at those bases. Given nuclear weapons and the state of the world, we don’t need armed forces designed for a massive invasion of a large country. We should, as soon as reasonably possible, exit the Middle East. The Middle East Isn’t Worth It Anymore – By Martin Indyk – WSJ – Jan 17 2020 (PDF). Bacevich CATO article (PDF).  In this regard, our country is now energy independent. Expensive aircraft carriers are becoming obsolete. Let’s adapt.  The Economist Article on Aircraft Carriers.  I do not wish for our country to police the rest of the world.  We do not need to be involved in every international matter. Empires don’t last. A quasi-empire won’t last. Isolationism? No. Less foreign intervention? Yes. The U.S. annually spends approximately what the rest of the countries of the world combined spend on military endeavors. Special operations forces are a must. Currently, we need to assume terrorism will be with us indefinitely, and we must deal with it as such while we try to eliminate it. Bacevich Article 2007 (PDF). Absent action necessary to prevent genocide, etc. (which we should cooperate with other countries through the U.N., etc., to confront), we need to avoid discretionary wars. I believe the Vietnam War and the Iraq War were discretionary wars that should not have been waged. The negatives of the war in Iraq, including increased terrorism, a destabilized Iraq (that ultimately helped produce ISIS), over a hundred thousand deaths and tremendous financial costs, far outweigh any benefits. (I was fully behind George W. Bush after 9/11 and through the actions in Afghanistan. He lost me with Iraq.) TIME Terror’s Lineage (PDF).  I am not a hawk or a dove. I am absolutely against the use of torture.  WSJ Article – The Battlefield as a Test of Character (PDF).  If a country wants our military to be on their soil, and we are willing to be there, let’s charge them for the service—just as we pay taxes for our police protection services. We would hate it if any foreign troops were stationed in our country, and anyone attacking those troops would be considered to be a patriot. Let’s see thing full circle. If a governing body of a country asks us to leave the country, unless we are at war with the country, we should leave. Spying on Americans should be permitted only if a judge issues a warrant calling for such action. We need to work with other countries to prevent terrorists from acquiring nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction. At least currently, terrorism should be fought almost exclusively with intelligence, intelligent actions, technology, aircraft and special forces.

Compensation should be sought from other countries, including NATO countries, for military protection and CDC benefits, etc.